Projects and Partners

Our largest project, the development of Youth Resource Centers in Rajasthan, India, has been completed. Our goal was to help small villages near Udaipur, India fund alternative activities for children and teenagers as a way to mitigate the problem of the migration of these youth from their villages to large cities. In 2005 we started funding 3 centers. At its zenith, there were over 40 Youth Resource Centers in the Udaipur district. Funding and sustainability of these centers has been taken over by the villages themselves along with other local non-profits, and our role has come to an end. Our partner in this effort was the Seva Mandir foundation ( We really enjoyed working with them and have great admiration for the work they have been doing in Rajasthan for over 50 years.

Our second significant International project was to partner with The Garden’s Edge ( Through their work promoting sustainable agricultural production of indigenous seed crops, we helped them evaluate nutritional and developmental impacts on newborns in these rural Guatemalan villages. We have also helped them fund some of their climate change resilience projects in this same area of Guatemala.

As of the end of 2022, The Undaunted Carnival Foundation has raised and donated nearly $200,000 to our partners locally and internationally.

About two-thirds of our grants have gone to local non-profits. Below is a partial list of places that have received funding from us. We feel very good about these organizations and the work they are doing in Albuquerque.